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Bid Alternates

What Are Bid Alternates? Bid alternates are specific components of a construction project that are not included in the base price of a bid or proposal.  Alternates are called out separately on the request for proposals or bid form, along with a request for pricing aside from the contractor’s base bid.  In most cases, the […]

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Will The Covenant Run With The Land? Ensuring Enforceability of Contracts

Property owners and developers enter into a variety of contracts to restrict the use of real property.  For instance, a developer may wish to maintain the architectural integrity of a neighborhood or prevent a property use that might disturb the community’s character.  A seller of property may want to require future buyers of the property […]

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Insurance Coverage on Construction Projects

Proper insurance is a crucial risk management tool for contractors, design professionals and project owners. Each is generally required by contract, statute or sense of self-preservation, to purchase and maintain appropriate insurance coverage. Since everyone has insurance, it is easy to assume that most risks on a construction project are covered. The purpose of this […]

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