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About The Firm

Value Added

The structure and flexibility of Florey Todd foster a strong working relationship with clients to save time and money. Efficiency and savings are achieved in three ways:

More for Less

First, clients receive the highest quality service while avoiding the high hourly rates charged by attorneys at big firms with less experience and ability.

Structured for Value to Clients

Second, with our modern, client-focused fee models, we give clients more for less. By integrating with your company, Florey Todd takes work off of your shoulders, so you can focus your attention elsewhere.

Risk Management and Prevention

Third, we work with you to prevent costly problems from arising in the first place. Most legal disputes can be avoided with better planning, risk management, documentation, and well-written contracts.

Goals, Structure and Scope

A Shared Goal

To be truly effective, an attorney should understand your company from top to bottom and be part of its operations. That takes time, trust and a true business partnership. Unfortunately, the typical law firm structure drastically limits the amount, and quality of service, an outside lawyer or firm can provide.

In most cases, it just isn’t practical to have your attorney address every legal issue. In fact, a high billable hour may put the goals of a law firm at odds with the goals of its client. But at Florey Todd, we develop fee structures to ensure our goals are your goals. Whether a business venture, purchase, sale, project or development, we want our clients to succeed.

Attorneys are often viewed as a roadblock to a successful venture or project by creating problems instead of solving them. It is easy to say “no, you can’t do that,” but we flip the script and say “Yes. Here’s how.”

Tailored Payment Structures

In addition to offering reasonable hourly rates when appropriate, Florey Todd offers businesses tailored payment structures and flat fees consistent with your anticipated needs.

These options offer clients a way to strategically budget and plan their legal costs, while allowing Florey Todd to focus on your company without the constraints of a billable hour that detract from the quality of service you deserve. With fee arrangements tailored to our clients, the focus becomes our clients’ success, not legal fees.

Service Flexibility

Outside General Counsel

One of the options that Florey Todd offers to businesses of all sizes is “outside general counsel” services. For a low, fixed monthly “salary,” based on your company’s expected needs, Florey Todd will serve as your general counsel, available to address any one of the diverse array of legal issues that companies face on a day-to-day basis. As outside general counsel, Florey Todd is always on call – and your bill never changes. So fear of the bill doesn’t make you afraid to call your attorney, no matter how big or small the issue.

Florey Todd was founded with the outside general counsel model, which adds value, encourages true collaboration, and facilitates a higher level of service for a fraction of the cost.

Molding To Our Clients’ Needs

While the needs of every client are different, Florey Todd is equipped to assist in every aspect of your company. Our flexible payment structures make it economical to have an attorney on your team, ensuring a successful and profitable project. That includes, when necessary, hands-on project troubleshooting, documentation, risk audits, and overall project management. We take pride in being a part of your team, knowing that your success is our success.